Ilusões / Ilusiones / Illusions

13.09.2014 – 13.02.2015

Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro

Publication for the exhibition


Artists of the collection

  • Mauricio Alejo
  • Luis Camnitzer
  • José Damasceno
  • Leandro Erlich
  • Fernando Pareja & Leidy Chavez
  • Los Carpinteros
  • Liliana Porter
  • Teresa Serrano
  • José Toirac

This exhibition revealed a view of the ambiguous and the complex, of spaces that resist interpretation, oscillating freely between supposed reality and so-called illusion, filled with fictions and projections, and defying any more detailed definition or categorization.

The subject of “illusion” (from the Latin “illudere”, meaning “to deceive, to fool”) is approached with humor and playfulness: as supposedly no more than an optical effect (Mauricio Alejo); as an elaborate interplay of symbols, signifiers and the signified in perception theory (Luis Camnitzer); as mental deceit or disappointment (Leandro Erlich, Liliana Porter); as a social, political, cultural, religious, marketing, or media phenomenon (Teresa Serrano, José Toirac, Leidy Chavez & Fernando Pareja), and as ambiguity, a pure paradox full of seemingly Dadaist absurdity (José Damasceno, Los Carpinteros).

This exhibition encouraged viewers to widen their conscious perception, think, and develop a deeper understanding that would sharpen their ability to discern how the meaning of reality relates to illusion through additional far-reaching insights.